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Talent vs. Skill

Something I’ve run into is that I will fairly often get compliments on social media from folks on my “talent” or “gifting” at working metal, and as I am unsure I have EVER had a natural aptitude towards any of the crafts that I like doing, this has led me to wonder about how we look at those things.

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Where do we go from here?

Blacksmiths must also work to tell the story of the trade to as wide an audience as possible. Few skilled crafts/trades/arts are safe from obsolescence in the modern age- but some, like traditional blacksmithing, while far from dead and a long way from extinction, are basically irrelevant to popular culture and will remain so as long as long as their story is not being told.

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On Getting Started and Going Full Time

“Congratulations on your successful business, man! Love your work!” I receive Instagram messages like this or even similar comments from friends who have seen my frequent posts on Instagram or Facebook pretty frequently.  For a while, instead of being properly encouraged and humbled, I wanted to have a pity party.

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Ah, the simple life...

I believe that, while this so-called “alternative lifestyle” is FILLED with simple pleasures, it is anything but simple, and sometimes, the “simple life” is one where someone else keeps the checks coming- and where all you have to do is get up and show up.

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