Axe & Anvil Handworks

Traditional Ironwork, hand-forged in an old-fashioned blacksmithing shop in rural Tennessee.

Whether it is a simple strap hinge or an ornate garden gate, decorative ironwork that is also sturdy and functional has an ancient heritage. Skilled blacksmiths have been producing beautiful art that is a wonderful marriage of form & function for centuries, and we have a passion to carry on this legacy of traditional blacksmithing- doing our part to rediscover & preserve the ancient skills of hand-forging iron and steel that are all but forgotten, while creating classic ironwork in timeless styles that has character and soul that no machine can mass-produce.

If you are looking for something that you don’t find on our website, don’t hesitate to reach out- we are currently expanding both our portfolio of custom work as well as our product line, and would love to hear your ideas and be included in your next project that requires high-quality traditional ironwork!

Keep up with our day to day adventures via Instagram @axe_and_anvil