Christoper Boone Thompson



Boone is originally from Columbus, Mississippi, but settled down with his family in Tennessee when he was fourteen. At that time he became interested in the craft of blacksmithing simply after stumbling across a maker video online. Boone didn’t have access to any real tools to get started, but he was so determined that he created his own forge from a length of pipe and a hole dug in the ground! He bought charcoal briquettes to burn and went to work, some of his first projects being a wall hook and a railroad spike knife. His grandfather gave him a piece railroad track for an anvil which he used until his aunt bought him a modern made anvil. At about age sixteen he started forging more regularly after joining a local blacksmiths’ group and going through the beginners ‘green coal’ program, and after completion he also started to volunteer as an assistant instructor at the groups’ local forge. After finishing school Boone worked a job at Chick-Fil-A for two years and wasn’t able to do much forging during that time due to a busy schedule.


Jordan and Boone had been friends for years after meeting at church, as they shared many interests and enjoyed spending time together. As a teenager Boone would occasionally spend a few days at the Goodwins’ homestead helping with projects and sometimes getting to do a little forging. When Jordan decided to take his Axe & Anvil business full time, he suggested that Boone join him as an intern, and they started working together full time in January of 2019.

Boone has developing interests in forging agricultural hand tools of the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as scything, gardening, and continuing to grow in his practice of the Spanish language, hopefully to explore the Latino cultures of Central and South America.